What is “Persephone’s Jewels?”

Well, in short: Life coaching inspired by the Greek goddesses.

We all have these goddesses inside of us,
ruling 7 different parts of our lives:

🐚 Aphrodite: Self-esteem
🏹 Artemis: Independence
🦉 Athena: Drive
🌾 Demeter: Family
👑 Hera: Partnerships
🔥 Hestia: Enlightenment
💎 Persephone: Self-mastery

So how do they make you YOU?

That’s where Persephone’s Jewels comes in.

Photo by Ann Mari Rich

Transform your world with inspiration from the Greek goddesses!

The Persephone's Jewels program will help you realize what's keeping you trapped AND help you figure out an escape plan. Using inspiration from the 7 goddesses, combined with tarot and astrology readings, we'll find out what's holding you back and help you live a happier, more fulfilled life based on what lights you up.

Ready to get creative and have some laughs?

Ready to explore brand new possibilities?

Take the WHICH GODDESS ARE YOU? quiz to find your starting point!


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About Me:

I’m Lucy, and I’ll be your coach this evening. On the menu are several goddesses, all of which provide excellent nourishment. Desire a recommendation? Let me know what you’re looking for…

Contact Me!

If you’d like to learn more about your quiz result, if you’re interested in scheduling an interview for a media outlet (websites, podcasts, etc.), or if you just have a good old fashioned question, drop me a line:


Let’s Unlock Your Potential.

So many women don’t realize how powerful they are. You have an entire galaxy inside you.

My goal is simply to illuminate it.

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